Hatch Watch at the North Nest!

Tick-tock hatch clock! A quick reminder that we are on hatch watch at the North Nest. The eggs are 34 and 37 days old today. While it is a little early to start the watch, we have no history on DNF and we’d rather announce early than miss part of the hatch!

What to look and listen for:

  • Look for egg interaction! In addition to rolling the eggs, Mr. North or DNF might stop to listen and look at them, offering encouraging chirps as the eaglets chink away at the eggs.
  • Listen for peeping and egg-talk! Once the eaglets begin breathing air with their lungs, they will start chirping…and their parents will chirp back! Altricial birds like bald eagles hatch unable to see. Egg talk helps establish a bond between parent and child and provides a way for the newly hatched eaglets to recognize and turn towards Mom and Dad for feeding.
  • Look for egg starring! Pip does not usually begin with a long crack. The first breech of the egg often lifts the shell in a pattern similar to a star. As the eaglet rotates in the egg, it cuts a long furrow that eventually splits the shell!

We’ll let everyone know as soon as we see anything. Remember, the pipping process can take from 12-24 hours before the hatchling emerges. Stay tuned!