DN10 has arrived at Decorah North!

-By John Howe

It is finally official! After glimpses of white fluff cresting the nest cup grass berm earlier today, we confirmed hatch at 6:32 PM Central Time with a great look at precious DN10 out of its shell and ready for food! Congratulations Mr. North and DNF! We are so happy to have witnessed this milestone for Mr. North and DNF – the successful hatch of both eggs at the new North Nest! You can see the beak of DN10 open and ready for food down and to the left of DN9 and some good bobble-head action between DN9 & DN10 in the video link below: https://youtu.be/G9gf_1Oljxg

You may have seen DNF feeding DN9 earlier and we were thrilled to see the nestling strong and vocal. DN9 was able to move a little closer to DNF for a bite and showed strong neck muscles with the beginning of coordination with her head held high and mouth open. It’s exciting to see parental instinct take over in a new pair and DNF is showing good mothering skills despite her sore left leg/foot. We even had Mr. North slowly sneak closer to the eaglets while hearing from DNF, who was very tentative about letting him take over. That led to our first showing of dual feeding with Mr. North and DNF!

April 1, 2019: Dual feeding at the North Nest

Thanks for watching along with us!