April 22, 2019: Decorah Eagles Nestflix!

We have your Decorah Eagles Nestflix! Sorry about the late post – we’re getting ready to go out on the rain-swollen Mississippi tomorrow and I didn’t have a chance to get anything together earlier today. These videos provide a great look at just how much the eaglets are growing, with bulgy crops, wet eaglets, a little stick fiddling, and a nice look at DM2 on the Y! Enjoy!

Decorah Eagles

4/22/19: Close ups wet eaglets and Mombrella – https://youtu.be/Firh1dbmEcE. We get fantastic looks at D32, including pinfeathers, lengthening tarsi (look at those legs!), and soggy dandelion puffs of natal down as two sleepy, damp eaglets hide under Mombrella. The opening minute of the video gives us a nice comparison between D33’s head (left) and D32’s head (right).

4/22/19: Mom allopreens D32, closeups – https://youtu.be/6Z2VhaCAkSc. The video opens with a little stick play by D32 followed by a look at its gigantic cropzilla! D32 cuddles up next to Mom while D33 snoozes underneath her. While we get a couple of nice looks at clown clompers, I especially liked the view at 1:12, which shows large footpads and a growing middle toe!

4/22/19: Snoozing eaglets, DM2 on the Y – https://youtu.be/1b7x7mLrDo4. The opening moments of snoozing eaglets are adorable! At 15 seconds, we switch to DM2 in front of a much-treasured view at the Y-Branch! The camera moves in to give us a close-up, with preening starting at 2:15 and picture in picture starting at 2:31. A lovely shot of DM2 on a warm and bright morning!

4/21/19: Who is feeding who? https://youtu.be/0wgeCsy35jc. The video opens with DM2 feeding D33 when Mom steals a couple of bites! She gets quite insistent about taking bites (there is no sound in this video, but I would guess she is teakettling). As she continues to give him the Mom look, he moves away and flies up the Skywalk while Mom takes over feeding.

This time of the year, we tend to get questions about Mom’s behavior. Doesn’t she love her mate anymore? We blogged on this back in 2014 (so in this blog, her mate will be Dad). A link: https://raptorresource.blogspot.com/2014/04/decorah-why-is-mom-being-so-mean.html

4/20/19: Osprey on the maple – https://youtu.be/PoKzVZsAxIc. An unexpected visitor stops by on the maple!