From our nests to yours – Happy Mother’s Day!

If you’re celebrating Mother’s Day this weekend, we’d like to wish you a very wonderful day! We also want to recognize all our ‘Wildlife Moms” on Mother’s Day and honor Mom Decorah, the Decorah North Female (DNF), Ma FSV, Michelle at Great Spirit Bluff, and also remember Mrs. North who did not return this season.

We have a window into their worlds with our cameras and watching them has given us all continuing education lessons in the unique differences in their daily lives from season to season. We’ve been fortunate to be able to witness all that they endure, and all that they do to protect and raise their young through many different hardships and losses, but one constant they all have in common is their incredible love and devotion to their offspring.

Human, finny, furred, or feathered – all our Moms are deeply treasured!

Happy Mothers Day!