Nest round-up: Kestrels and falcons, oh my!

Our banding season starts Monday, but we have hatch going on at several of our nests. Here’s a rundown on who’s hatched, who has yet to hatch, and other nest events! Falcons spend a lot less time in the nest than eagles, so be sure to check them out now!

American Kestrels
Four kestrels hatched on May 22 and one hatched on May 23. Watch the kestrels while you can – they fledge between 28 and 31 days of age! You can watch here: and here:

Peregrine Falcons

Great Spirit Bluff
We have a 12 day old and 10 day old falcon at GSB. Banding will take place on Saturday, June 1. Watch here: and here:

Dairyland Power Genoa
Three eggs from Genoa’s four-egg clutch hatched on May 4th. At roughly midnight, all three falcons and the remaining egg were eaten by a raccoon. Why was a raccoon at the 400′ level of a power plant stack? We asked raccoon expert Suzanne MacDonald, who told us that it was probably a yearling male out exploring. It wasn’t necessarily looking for food, but it found some.

Peta and Marcelle appear to have gone back into courtship mode, so it’s possible we could have a second clutch here.

Watch here: and here: Note – this site goes down, so follow the second link for the channel if the first one doesn’t work.

Dairyland Power Alma
All four falcons hatched on May 17. Full incubation began, as it usually does, after the third egg was laid. However, instead of the usual 33-34 days, it took 38 days for hatch to begin, and all four eggs hatched on the same day. We asked Midwest Peregrine Society and Wisconsin Peregrine Society whether this is something they had seen previously, since we haven’t. In Greg Septon’s experience, falcons can be much more variable in their timing than we’ve tended to think, especially wild falcons who are dealing with weather extremes. Given that all four falcons hatched on the same day, this could be a really fun box to watch – and a fun box to try to sex remotely!

Watch here: and here:

Xcel Energy Fort St. Vrain Eagles
FSV39 and FSV 40 are 59 days old! They will most likely fledge between 75 and 80 days of age. Knock on wood, things are going very well here! Watch here: and here:

Xcel Energy Allen S. King Falcons
We have four eggs here. Hatch guesstimate: Saturday, June 1. Watch here: and here:

Xcel Energy Sherco Falcons
This clutch failed following a snowstorm on April 10 and 11th. Clutch two began on April 30. Our best hatch guesstimate is June 5th. We don’t know whether we had mate replacement here, but we would sure appreciate band information if you get it! Watch here: and here:

Minnesota Power Hibbard Falcons
Three hatched on May 13 and one hatched on May 14. At present time, we have three in the nest and they are eating and growing like crazy! Watch here:

Minnesota Power Cohasset Falcons
We have four eggs. Since the third was laid on April 28, we’re predicting hatch for May 31! Watch here:

Great River Energy Falcons
We hope to band Tuesday, May 28, weather permitting! The little falcons are feisty, growing feathers, and practicing the skills they will need for life beyond the nest! Watch here:

Red Wing Falcons
We have two roughly 8-day old falcons who are growing like weeds! We’re working on getting this cam on line. It might not be on, but if it is, it is here:

Bay State Milling Falcons
Hatch started here on May 16 and the little falcons are very cute to watch! Watch here: