We are searching for D32

D32 branched earlier today and left the tree entirely this evening. This evening D32 took flight again from the Skywalk branch and, while we don’t know if this was a purposeful flight or an unintentional fledge, we immediately took action to assess the situation on the ground. No other information is available at this time, but we will provide an update here, on Facebook, and at explore.org when we learn anything.

We understand that everyone is concerned about D32, but it is imperative that we all observe federal regulations regarding Bald Eagles and Bald Eagle nests. RRP will continue to assess and monitor the situation. For the sake of the eagles, everyone needs to minimize stress to parents and eaglets, in the nest or not, while we figure out what happened and how it should be handled.

Thank you so much for watching, for caring, and for helping to keep our eagles safe! We’ll post as soon as we know anything! D32 is 61 days old today, an age at which eaglets have been recorded leaving the nest and (eventually) successfully fledging. We need to trust the eagles and give Mom and DM2 a chance to find and care for their fledgling.