Update: Decorah North Nest Eaglet DN9

* 10:13 AM CT Newest Update:
DN9 can be seen on cam now in the pasture to the front left of the natal tree. The eaglet is moving well, exploring a little, but also watching surroundings. We are grateful for our eagle eye camera operators who have continued to look for him/her all morning and we are watching and assessing the situation for additional action. We will continue to advise as we learn more and discuss plans.

Many of you saw DN9 take a tumble from the Babysitting Branch about 8:15 AM CT this morning. DN9 was perched and scratching his/her face, looked around and seemed to have lost footing and balance. The buffalo gnats / black flies have also been an issue at this nest, and while DN9 and the parents have appeared to be coping with the infestation we are very aware the extremely wet spring has made it a bad season for bug infestations. We have used both the nest cam and pasture cam for better looks for DN9, with both online live, and offline monitoring. A parent was seen in the pasture earlier, and also visiting the nest with a fish, and both perched across the stream in a favorite tree. We are certain that the parents know where DN9 is and optimistic that will help point us in the right direction to locate the eaglet.

We’re getting a lot of photos from viewers suggesting possible locations of the eaglet, and while we appreciate your care and concern we ask that you not send any more. We can’t reply or handle the influx of images being sent to us with suggestions of where to look. Our volunteer camera operators are exceptional and we know they have “eagle eyes” to thoroughly do a visual search for any sign of DN9.

This has been a really tough couple of days at the hatchery nest for Decorah Eaglets D32 & D33, and now today with DN9 at the North Nest. Please know that RRP is doing all we can at the moment to coordinate efforts to find DN9 as well as the search effort again today for D32 at the hatchery nest, and we will continue to keep you posted as the events unfold. We’re extremely shorthanded and while we appreciate your comments, we might not be able to answer every question or answer as promptly as we normally would like. Our priority now is focused on finding our raptors. We thank you for your patience and ask that you try to remain positive and kind with each other.