Update: Decorah Hatchery Nest eaglet D32

D32 was located yesterday evening in Trout Run Creek by a couple of local residents. The eagle was located tucked in along a bank downstream from the Decorah Hatchery nest. It was in rough shape, and the residents informed the DNR Hatchery personnel, who then retrieved it from the creek, and placed him/her in a “turkey box”, shown in the picture attached here. The hatchery staff notified RRP, and we quickly set a plan in motion to get D32 the care it needed. Our Bald Eagle expert and board member Brett Mandernack, and our Vice President Laura Johnson, a veterinarian doctor specializing in raptor care, were consulted quickly, and a plan was enacted to get D32 to Laura, about an hour away, for immediate assessment and care.

Once transferred to Laura, D32 was found to be weak, a bit hypothermic, underweight, and showed signs of anemia with many black fly bites. Laura administered fluids and electrolytes upon arrival and repeated the treatments overnight. This morning, Laura was able to get D32 to eat some venison dipped in electrolytes and will continue to try to feed D32 every few hours.

Laura will continue to monitor and care for D32 while we await further updates. When we have new information, we will share that with you, but please understand that the care of the eagles comes first and we may not have continuous updates.

We would like to thank the local residents who found D32 and acted quickly to get help, everyone at RRP working nonstop to search for, capture, transport and help the eagles in every way possible, and BIG THANKS to the Decorah Chuck Gipp Fish Hatchery staff and management for their continued support of our recent bald eagle monitoring and recovery efforts and the wildlife surrounding them.