June 25, 2019: Day Trip to Decorah

Photos and Story by Robin Brumm. Thanks, Robin! 

I had decided to go to Decorah on Tuesday to meet some friends. On Monday night as I set my alarm to get up at Dark O’clock, I was thinking about Mom Decorah. I kept saying over and over … please show up at the hatchery tomorrow … and, by the way, I think no matter what time you get up in the morning during the summertime, it is not completely dark, lol!! So I left on Tuesday morning and as I was driving over the Mississippi River, I saw 2 adult eagles fly over my car. I wondered to myself if it was the pair that has a nest near GSB, or if it could be the pair that has been hanging out at the Mississippi Flyway cam. I guess I’ll never know!

I continued on toward Decorah and it started to get cloudy. I could tell it was raining off in the distance and as the sun peeked out of the clouds behind me and shined on the rain clouds, a double rainbow showed up. Hmm, 2 eagles and 2 rainbows … I was hoping that was a good sign.

As I pulled up to the hatchery, I didn’t see any eagles on the Y branch, in the bluffs, or on the maple, so I decided to drive over toward the nest. I crossed the bridge and looked upstream to the dead tree that was upstream from N1. There on the dead tree, was Mom perched on the top… and DM2 perched on a branch below! I was so happy to see both of them together!

Photo of DM2 and Mom, credit Robin Brumm

They hung out there for about an hour and then DM2 flew off. About 10 minutes later, Mom flew off, circled the hatchery and retention pond, and landed in the maple tree. She was only there a few minutes and was bothered by the gnats and some black birds, so she flew back to the dead tree. She stayed on the dead tree just a short time and then flew off toward the north.

Photo of Mom, credit Robin Brumm

After several hours sitting at the hatchery, neither Mom or DM2 came back, so I reluctantly went home. Hopefully, they will both show up again next time when I head to Decorah.

RRP appreciates Robin’s generosity in sharing her photos and reminds you they are copyrighted and may not be downloaded without her express permission. To see more of the photos from that day, visit Robin’s photo link at: https://robinbrumm.zenfolio.com/p429123584