Welcome Home Carson!

Written by Sherri Elliott

It’s been 16 days since Carson left the GSB peregrine falcon nest box. He returned home last night about 8:25PM CT with an amazing entrance and an impressive display of new Big Bird skills flying to the rocky cliff faces and mantling food delivered to the ledge by Mom Michelle!

Kudos to our wonderful camera operators who have continually listened for vocals and zoomed in to all areas of the dense underbrush trying to get him in our sights after moving from his original landing spot. We’ve seen the parents Michelle and Newman care and protect their offspring by making food drops and drive off a raccoon, and Carson has been honing branching and flight skills while undercover. This morning Carson has been fed a couple of times, explored nearby nooks and branches and has been flying. Welcome Home, Carson … we’re glad to see you!


06/27/17: Sounds like Carson calling – https://youtu.be/MiWUDfUlgAA. After what seemed like an eternity of silence, everyone was concerned about Carson. Why weren’t we hearing him? Was he still alive? These vocals (start listening for relatively faint vocals at about six seconds) preceded his reappearance and were a very hopeful sign for followers!

06/27/19: Carson’s dinner on the ledge: https://youtu.be/A5wJQnl8Z4U. This is a very cool video! Let’s start at the beginning, with Carson clinging to the cliff face. Peregrine falcons are great at spider-climbing and clinging, and his brown plumage makes him very hard to see against the dark cliff face. We don’t often think of peregrine falcons as being cryptic, but this video shows us how hard they can be to spot! At 15 seconds, we see him up above the ledge, where Mom Michelle is waiting. He gets down to the ledge – don’t miss the really cool footage starting at around 1:06 – and gets dinner. Way to go, Carson! Here’s another nice look at the homecoming: https://youtu.be/VuxL-S68g9s.

You can follow our Great Spirit Bluff Falcon Cam at: https://www.raptorresource.org/birdcams/gsb-falcons/