D32 update from our friends at SOAR

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Some good news for Decorah Eaglet D32! His cast was removed after a vet check and new x-ray, and we put a new wrap on him for support. Since D32 was showing more signs of energy and wanted to stretch his wings, we moved him from the ICU crate to a 10’x20′ enclosure. He also has a roomie…an HY18 bald eagle at a similar stage in recovery.

July 12, 2019: D32's cast is removed

D32’s cast is removed

D32’s sibling D33 and Decorah North eaglet DN9 are in a different flight pen with 2 roomies. We don’t have a new update for them today, but you can read their patient histories at the SOAR website: https://soarraptors.org/patients/