A report from Decorah!

What’s going on in the latest episode of ‘As The Nest Turns’? If you watch our Flyway Cam, you know that a lot of eagles are on the move now. Young are dispersing and non-territorial adults (plus some territorial adults) are slowly wandering out of the north and towards sheltered winter territory and flyways.

Is this what happened to the subadult we watched for much of the summer? He quit nestorations on N1B (the second nest built on the original Cottonwood) in early September and we haven’t seen him since. Given the time of year, he most likely went on walkabout. We’ll see if he returns!

In the meantime, other visitors are knocking at Mom’s door. We’ve spotted an adult male eagle on territory and a two-1/2 year-old subadult on the maple. We haven’t seen enough of the adult to know whether or not it is DM2, but we’ll let everyone know if we do! Given the richness of Mom’s territory – and the sheer number of offspring produced here – it isn’t surprising that walkabout eagles are dropping in, whether Mom welcomes them or not.

We have a few videos and some reading material for anyone interested in migration. Be sure to keep an eye on birdcast.info and the comings and goings on the Flyway Cam. Thank you for watching, learning, and caring!

9/11/19: Subadult eagle on the maple: https://youtu.be/zx0U3jx3kJQ
9/11/19: Doe and fawn in the mist: https://youtu.be/qOs6rEFYAUU

On migration: https://raptorresource.blogspot.com/2014/09/on-migration.html