A Tale of the Tape …. at the Hatchery Nest

by Sherri Elliott

The Decorah Eagles nest this morning gives a great look at the depth already this season as DM2 and Mom pause work to track their territory. There are two things I look at every view…a lovely heart shape circled in the bark of the cottonwood tree, as well as the diamond shape in the bark which I have always used as a tape measure.

During the N2B starter platform build in 2015 (video here), the bottom of the diamond was way above Neil’s shoulder as he knelt in the nest. Over successive seasons we’ve watched the amendments rise for measurement as parents prep for egg lay and hatch, and then we watch how it eventually compresses as growing and rambunctious eagles send crib rails scattering and trample down the tarmac while hoppersizing and wingersizing. Start gathering screenshots for your own comparisons as branch and stick deliveries, as well as fluffy bedding, is being brought in multiple times daily.

How much has the nest changed since early November? Take a look!

The last guesstimate of the Decorah Eagles hatchery nest 11/2019 was an overall size of 6ft x7ft with a depth of 6.5ft and weighed approximately 1,606 lbs.