Decorah Eagles: Who was that?

Who was the intruder in Decorah today? Here’s what we know (and it isn’t much): an intruder visited N2B. She (we think it was a ‘she’ based on facial features) gobbled down frozen nestovers that she dug from the snow and ice at the bottom of the nest. After about twelve minutes, Mom or DM2 chased her away.

Intruder at N2B

Watchers are concerned about Mom and DM2’s late response to the intruder. Are they serious about defending their territory? Could the intruder take over from Mom? Watchers know that there are no guarantees, but it isn’t especially likely, or surprising that Mom and DM2 didn’t respond immediately. The intruder was looking for a meal, not a territory, and she arrived quietly and left quickly. Mom and DM2 had hunkered down in cold weather and didn’t notice her stealthy arrival. And Mom and DM2 are much busier than we are used to seeing this time of year, so their sudden absence – very normal in cold weather! – seems unusual. Their absence wouldn’t be unusual in a normal winter, but this hasn’t been a normal winter.

January 15, 2020: Intruder in Decorah

January 15, 2020: Intruder in Decorah

Whoever the intruder was, she was very hungry! Perhaps she was at the tail end of a long migration from her territorial nest in the boreal forest and just needed a quick snack. A nest means a meal and eagles are always hungry! We wish her Рand all winter wildlife Рgood luck!