Did You See? Love is in the Air!

by Sherri Elliott

We always remind people to look up, look around, and listen. That applies not only to your own back yard but also with our live cameras. Sometimes something is just slightly out of view, and a behavior can be lost in a minute … or sometimes as briefly as 7-12 seconds!

February 10, 2020: Mom and DM2 bonding near the nest

February 10, 2020: Mom and DM2 bonding near the nest

Such was the case today after Mom Decorah left the Skywalk and landed on the Pond Perch above the retention pond. DM2 finished some chores and joined her there. We heard the unmistakable vocals of copulation and there just ahead of us in “squint range”, Mom and DM2 were bonding. I’ve marked the area with a light blue circle, but you can go back to the empty nest at about 1108AM CT and look for them in the distance to go full screen and get screencaps. Or you can watch in Tulsaducati’s video by advancing to the 11:28 mark:https://youtu.be/xfra04UOaCk or watch here:

As the eagles’ biological clock is ticking, you can expect to see and possibly hear vocals off cam, so keep watching, listening and learning with us. Since the cameras came back live for this season we have documented 9 copulations, 3 attempts, and 4 dominance displays from Mom Decorah since 10-30-19 through this morning. It’s getting very eggsciting!