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April 30, 2020: Raptor Movie Marathon and News from the Nests!

April 30, 2020: Family portrait. L to R: D35, D34, DM2. D36 is hidden behind D34

It’s your raptor movie marathon! We had a milestone moment at the North Nest earlier this week: DN12 stood on its feet for the first time on Tuesday, April 28! This is an important developmental step that will change nest life, exploration, and poop shoots as we know them. Look out below! In Decorah, Mom raises the crib rails, DM2 really wants to feed the eaglets, and we get a nice look at the not-so-tiny triple threat! The bonking is

When will we be able to tell the sex of the eaglets?

April 28, 2020: D34, D36, and D35 seeking shade at N2B

TLDR: We won’t, but read on to learn why!When will we be able to tell the sex of the eaglets? We get asked this question every year. While most of us make private guesses, we don’t make them official – in no small part because we’ve been wrong before! Keep in mind that age is a bigger factor than sex in weight gain and size early in nest life. Sexual dimorphism begins to appear in some variables after about 20

April 27, 2020: Nest news and raptor movie marathon!

April 27, 2020, left to right: D36, D35, D34, Mom

Happy Monday, everyone! Put your feet up and grab some snacks – we’ve got your raptor movie marathon and nest news now! Let’s start with some quick catch-up. As of today, D34 and D35 turn 22 days old and little D36 turns 19 days old, while not-so-little DN12 at the North nest turns 28 days old. The tiny terror-dactyls are casting pellets, sprouting pinfeathers, testing not-so-tiny wingflaps, and tarsi-shuffling around their nests. While they can’t yet tear their own meals,

April 23, 2020: News and NestFlix!

April 22, 2020: Decorah family report. Do you see the eagle heart?

DM2 put his flying fishwagon into high gear yesterday, delivering eight fish to Mom’s two. D36 is not only getting enough to eat, it’s a wonder that any of the eaglets can sit up at all! Sherri and Robin documented fish deliveries as follows: 9:01am (Mom), 12:45pm, 1:34pm, 2:00pm, 6:23pm (Mom), and in rapid succession: 7:07pm, 7:40pm, 745pm, 7:53pm, and 7:59pm. Right now, the eaglets are shedding their natal down, hitting the maximum growth period for footpads and legs, and

April 21, 2020: NestFlix and News!

April 20, 2020: Mom arrives at the nest after flying through a wind storm

Where did our itty-bitty eeeaglets go? It’s been just 16 days since the first hatch at the Decorah nest and 21 days since DN12 hatched at the North North Nest, and in that time we’ve seen the eaglets go from about 3.2 ounces and three inches long to almost a foot long and weighing between four and five pounds! It sometimes seems like we can see them growing as eagle parents pour on the Miracle-Gro, feeding fish after fish after

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