Did You See?

By Sherri Elliott

A squirrel came calling yesterday at the Decorah North Nest and DN12 locked eyes with the little intruder and wasted no time asserting to defend the penthouse. Look to the left in this short video and see the squirrel tiptoe up to the side door only to meet DN12’s steely eagle eyes. In a flash, DN12 asserted to defend and stood with hackles up, wings stretched out and flapping to loom large…and for good measure muttered some vocals and as well as a short hiss. The background birds overtake some of the exchange, but I’m sure in scolding the squirrel DN12 may have said, “I’m telling my parents on you!” What do you think?

Thanks to Lizzy G Eaglespirit for the video! Here’s a link to the original: https://youtu.be/yduPMnlXexo