May 12, 2020: Where did our little eaglets go?

D34 turned 36 days old yesterday. How big is our oldest eaglet compared to Mom? Based on work by researcher Gary Bortolotti, the Decorah eaglets are between about 6.6 to 7.9 pounds right now. Adult northern adult eagles weigh between around 9 pounds (males) and 11 pounds (females). This means that D34 is about 75% of the way to its adult weight. Researchers measure length by the tip of the tail to the tip of the bill. Since D34 doesn’t have much of a tail yet, it is a lot shorter than Mom or DM2. But our eaglet still looks impressively tall when it stands up!

We’re only about halfway through nest life and weight and growth curves are flattening while juvenile feathers take off. I loved seeing D34’s fluffy pantaloons, swollen crop, warble, and confident stand. Our little eeeaglets are getting big!