A Memorial Day Thank You

Today we commemorate Memorial Day with you. A day to celebrate and salute the sacrifices of the brave men and women who died serving in the American armed forces and to honor and remember their courage and service. On behalf of all of us at Raptor Resource Project, we extend a heartfelt thank you to all of you who have served or are serving our country. Fly high and free!

Memorial Day Thank You

As we reflect on that recognition, The Raptor Resource Project is pleased to have been able to provide you with both an educational and enjoyable view into the lives of the Decorah Bald Eagles, which represent the national symbol of the United States of America, and to thank you again for your support toward our research and work.

Our featured photo is of Mom Decorah and DM2, and we also include this beautiful poem by Don R. Wilkins, which honors our national symbol.

~ The Bald Eagle ~

My Aerie, built on craggy cliff,
or in a tree top high.
I soar above the reaching hills,
on lifting winds I fly.

I raise my young with tender care,
until they fly away.
Their destiny to fly alone,
it is but Nature’s way

My prey I seek with piercing eye,
grasp with talon strong.
Then lift into the endless sky
to sing my victory song.

By strength of wing will soar on high.
My future yet to be,
to glide beyond restricting Earth.
Eternity to see.

My place in Nature is secure.
I’m viewed now with respect.
A Symbol for the strong and free,
I fly with no regret.

With courage yet unquestioned,
there’s challenge in my cry,
I lift to heights, unhindered,
An EAGLE… flying high.

Don R. Wilkins
Motley, MN
© 2007