Decorah North Eaglet DN12 Fledged!

By Sherri Elliott
At 12:11pm CT, DN12 made a strong, skilled, and purposeful take-off from the left side nest and logged the first of his/her frequent flier miles heading out across the pasture and squeeing with delight. It was a beautiful flight, and an excellent way to celebrate DN12’s 10-Week BirdDay!

DN12 has demonstrated strong abilities over the past few days with more exuberant wingersizing, hoppersizing, flights from rail to rail, and from rails to ladder and thrown in a couple more mini-hovers to thrill the spectators in the stands. This morning DN12 even made a nice hop over from the Ladder Branch to the lateral known as the L-Branch and aside from a slight bobble on the landing perched for a spell taking in the new vantage point. When it was time to take that first flight we saw the customary head-bobbing triangulation and the flight path was set. A picture-perfect performance from the newest member of RRP’s Raptor Force!

We’ll add more videos later as they are uploaded. Thanks to Lizzy for this capture!

And to Tulsa for this video, which includes some of DN12’s ‘pre-flight prep’ before fledge.