Decorah eaglet D34 branches!

Was that a branch in Decorah at around 6:20am this morning? After some discussion, we decided it was! D34 (we believe) made a very short wing-powered assist up on to a branch while D35 and D36 watched with what looked like a lot of curiosity. The eaglet eee-lympics have begun!

Can we really consider D34’s brief hop and clamber to be a branch? We all prefer an unequivocal ‘yes!’ event, but it isn’t always easy to draw neat lines around wildlife behavior. D34 made deliberate trips up on to the branch, exploring with its legs and wings, while siblings D35 and D36 watched with a great deal of interest. As brief as it was, we still considered it a branch. We’re looking forward to bigger branching over the next few days!

D34 and D35 are turning 67 days old today and not-so-little D36 is turning 64 days old. While we miss our cute little bobbleheads, I love this stage of exploration and experimentation as the eaglets move close to fledge and begin gaining their wings!