Did You See? Dinner In A Tree!

By Sherri Elliott

Decorah North fledgling DN12 got an unexpected room service dinner delivery by its momma DNF last evening in a perch tree (T3) across the stream. There was a little bobble as DNF landed with fish dinner, lots of squeeing and anticipation for the tasty treat, and DN12 masterfully grabbed the fish with a semi mantle and held it in his beak before figuring out how to dine al fresco! In a short time, it was gobbled and gulped and DN12 cleaned up his perch plate and feaked his beak.

We’ve been so fortunate to continue to observe and document ‘Outdoor School’ lessons with DN12 and his parents. He has been exploring all over the immediate nest area, flying strong, learning to plant landings on multiple perch trees and branches, meeting wildlife neighbors and resident cows and calves, and has already returned to the nest several times for meal deliveries or nestovers. Yesterday he used the nest as any teenager would … a temporary crash pad for 5 hours and 43 minutes cleaning out the pantry til full, lounging and relaxing at the Ladder Branch with a balled foot stretched out seeing the sights, and even faceplanted in the center bowl laying on leftovers.

While we’ve seen previous offspring get meals delivered and dropped by the parents at the streambank for a picnic in the pasture, this was the first time we’ve seen a treetop delivery and it was another show of his skill sets. Here’s a video from Lizzie:

Special thanks also to our volunteer camera operators … it’s not easy keeping up with this frequent flyer or finding all the new hiding spots!