Grab Some Popcorn…it’s NestFlix time!

By Sherri Elliott

June 16, 2020: Lounging around N2B

June 16, 2020: Lounging around N2B

The Decorah Eaglets are at the 10-week mark with D34 & D35 at 73 days old, and D36 at 70 days old. D34 branched up to the Skywalk this morning and D36 did a little low left-side branching not long afterwards. Everybirdie is flap-happy and wingersizing and wing-whacking each other, hopping around on the tarmac for a little distance and height in their little liftoffs, and it’s mantle-mania when a parent comes in for a food drop. They all are doing great self-feeding, gulping, gobbling, and swallowing whole or half fish, and becoming experts at steals. Both Mom and DM2 are packing them with protein with a plethora of provisions, including 16 fish yesterday with 5 from DM2 and 11 from Mom. There are some fun downtime moments too in-between flight skill exercises, eating, and resting when they like to pester, poke or play. Here’s some fun videos:

D34 CrossFit training as D36 lounges and D35 critiques technique
6-16-20, 6:11 pm D34 flies to the branch

Getting their day started in the black and white of IR lighting and Mom at N1: 6-16-20, Early Morning

Fish-A-Palooza today! 6-15-20, 8:30 pm Mom brings fish #15

Hungry Hungry Peaglets!
6-15-20, 1:40 pm 4 fast fish deliveries, good competition

June 17, 2020: DN12 checks out the cows

June 17, 2020: DN12 checks out the cows!

At the North Nest, 11-week old (today) DN12 continues to survey every square inch of the natal nest area by selecting different trees to perch in and meet the neighbors and continues to impress us navigating different branches and wowing us with superb flights to and from the nest. How fast do Bald Eagles fly? Faster than a speeding bullet when food is involved!! That’s proven in a lovely flight to the nest this morning when DN12 thought there was a food drop by DNF, and also to drop down from a stream tree to claim a fish Mr. North provided for a picnic in the pasture.

Count the wing flaps exceeding the speed limit to get home!
DN12 Fast and The Furious Flight

Fish Picnic & DN12 tells little birds, “get off my lawn”
6-15-20, DN12 Pasture Adventure

As always, thanks to our volunteer camera operators who capture the action, and our videomakers who save the history.