“We’re Home!”

By Sherri Elliott

June 23, 2020: Left to right - D34, D35, and D36

June 23, 2020: Left to right – D34, D35, and D36

Just like typical teenagers who graduated, the Decorah Fledglings have been celebrating their newfound freedom by camping out overnight, testing trees and limbs in the territory, walking on rooftops, learning to plant their landings on multiple tree branches, and taking multiple joy rides around the area to start their mileage logs … and just like that, everybirdie came home for close-up photos, raid the refrig, and take a couple of quick naps.

You asked if the parents would continue to provide for them and we said “absolutely” and they would also oversee their continuing education in Outdoor School. We hope you’ll enjoy their antics in the following videos. Nobirdie brought home a load of laundry, but there were a couple of food fights, and so far the penthouse hasn’t been trashed!

June 23, 2020: 5pm Fish delivery, all 3 Eaglets home

June 23, 2020: 5:50pm Mom brings fish #5, D36 down the hatch

June 23, 2020: 7pm D36 joins the sibs on skywalk &close-ups

June 23, 2020: 8:15 pm Fish delivery, epic mantle