RRP’s Virtual After The Fledge Party!

Our Virtual After The Fledge party will take place on Friday, July 24, and Saturday, July 25. Here’s what we have planned! These events will be broadcast on the Decorah Eagles page at https://www.raptorresource.org/birdcams/decorah-eagles/, although the DNN chat will take place on the DNN page. Cross your talons for us and we hope to see you there! Give me an email if you have any questions: [email protected]

Friday, July 24

10:00: Welcome
10:30: Tour around the hatchery
12:00: Auction Update
1:00: Amy Ries: Thinking About Eagles
3:00: Decorah Eagles in the Classroom – Lori Carnes
4:30: Special DE Chat with events
6:00: Movie night! IPBS – Iowa Outdoors Eagle Tracking, Eagles of Decorah Viewing Event, and a segment of the PBS NOVA documentary – Eagle Power

Saturday, July 25

10:00: Welcome
10:30: MS Flyway Slideshow, RRP Mods – Tribute
12:00: Special DNN chat with events
1:00: Eagles & Owls with Neil Rettig & Dr. Laura Johnson
3:00: RRP Year In Review – John Howe
5:00: Sustainable Driftless documentary – Decoding the Driftless
6:00: Closing Remarks