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August 26, 2020: Decorah, Decorah North, and the Flyway

August 25, 2020: DM2 with a bulging crop!

We’re getting questions about the eagle maps. We tend to update them two to three times monthly unless something exciting happens. I’ll put up an update the next time we have data. But in the meantime, we have some videos of a very stuffed DM2, a tween-eagle party at Decorah North, hunting eagles on the Flyway, and a few odds and ends prompted by fan emails. We hope you enjoy these videos as much as we did! Decorah Eagles August

August 23, 2020: NestFlix from Decorah and the Flywa

August 23, 2020: D36 at N2B

Summer is coming to a close! D34 and D35 have left home – possibly for good! – but D36 returned to beg a few more meals from Mom and DM2. Meanwhile, things are getting busy on the Flyway as animals begin preparing for winter. Everyone is feeding up in preparation for migration or a long hibernation beneath ice and snow. It has been great fun to watch activities at Decorah and the Flyway. I hope you enjoy these videos as

Announcing: Decorah and Decorah North Cam Shutdown

April 22, 2020: Decorah family report. Do you see the eagle heart?

The Decorah and Decorah North cams will shut down for maintenance at 5:00 PM CDT on Saturday, August 29. The chat mods for both cams will be holding special celebratory goodbye chats from 3 to 5pm. Come join us and relive your favorite moments at each nest! Many of you told us that our nests were a place of refuge and calm for you this year. We hope you know that you gave us strength, courage, and determination in the

Our eagles are on the move!

August 16, 2020: D35's Map

Our eagles are on the move! D35 surprised us all by making a big move north on the afternoon of August 12th. At 1:03 PM, she was hanging out near the corner of Highway 9 and Montgomery Street in Decorah – about 1.37 miles from her natal nest. By 4:03 – just three hours later! – she was 49 miles NW along the North Branch of the Root River: a lovely wild area that has the riverine valleys, steep folded

Derecho Storm

August 13, 2020: Aftermath of the derecho storm, Cedar Rapids. Photo credit Jim Slosiarek/The Gazette

While Decorah didn’t suffer and our eagle nests are fine, parts of Iowa were devastated by the derecho storm that hit earlier this week. Follow this link if you would like to help: A few of our volunteers went through this and one of them told me it was worse than a tornado.

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