Welcome back to the Decorah and Decorah North Eagles!

Welcome back to the Decorah and Decorah North Eagles, everyone! Curious about this year’s changes and upgrades?

  • N2B: We placed two new 4K cameras and one new 2K camera at N2B. We also added two microphones, cleaned all the cameras, and trimmed branches away from cameras and sightlines. Mom and DM2 added six to eight inches of material in 2020 based on what we could see of the layers. N2B was 5.5′ long by 4.1′ wide and stood 4.5′ tall.
  • N1: We placed one new camera (4K) and one new microphone. We cleaned cameras, protected cables, and did a whole lot of trimming to clear Y-Branch sightlines. Nothing remains of N1, although someone brought a good-sized clump of grass into one of the branches.
  • DNN: We placed one new 4K camera, two new microphones, and one new pasture cam. We did a lot of trimming in the pasture to clear multiflora rose (that stuff is a menace!), gooseberry, stickseed plants, and wood. I’m hoping that we opened it up and removed enough thorny stuff that the cattle will help keep it clean moving forward. I do not have a measurement for DNN.

We look forward to watching eagles in the weeks to come! Thanks to camera operator Rewrap for the images.