Whew + Tick Tock!

By Sherri Elliott 

Mom Decorah and her mate, DM2 surprised us with a new nest this year…still in their territory, but far enough away that our prying eyes can’t catch them on camera. Lately, they have been spending some time at their old N2B nest, occasionally dropping off a stick or some fluff, but yesterday (and today!) was “eggstra” special seeing multiple drops of sticks as well as getting their groove on with copulation caught on cam (https://youtu.be/t-mzNsAZC4U), an indication that egg-laying will be very soon.

Last year by this time, we saw 9 copulations, 3 failed attempts to mate, and 5 dominance displays by Mom. And by this time in 2019, we saw 13 mating attempts on camera as well as 13 “dominance displays” by Mom taking the lead and suggesting technique to her new mate DM2. The season looks very promising for our lovebirds, now we just have to wonder if they will quickly prep this nest for their nursery or not. Talons crossed for them and us! Thanks to Raptor Resource Project, and to our talented volunteer camera operators who captured these special moments.

North Update: an egg today? 

As many of you know, DNF laid her first egg at the North nest on February 16. If she sticks with her usual schedule, she will lay egg number two today, February 19! Last year, she laid egg number two at 5:13 PM CT: 3 days, 1 hour, and 37 minutes after egg number 1. If – and that’s a big if! – she sticks with the same schedule, we should look for egg #3 today sometime between 2:00 and 4:00 PM.