Flight School *Fun*-damentals

by Sherri Elliott

Now at the 6-week mark, our little North Nesties DN13 &DN14 are setting aside the training wheels of haunch-walking on tarsi and gaining more confidence and strength with each step they take on those big yellow feet. Leg muscles are getting conditioned standing for longer periods and we also see new motor skills to pivot, stomp, and hop. Wings are getting a workout too … not just to bend over and warble stretch, but the “fun”-damentals of claiming a sudden breeze to rev up wings and feel the thrill of future flight by exercising their flaps and enjoying the wind whipping through fringed flight feathers.

Decorah North: Flight School *Fun*damentals!

Decorah North: Flight School *Fun*damentals!

Instinct drives them, but they also are imprinting by observing their parents’ take-offs and arrivals, and by watching each other to hone their skills. We are at the ‘eaglet-see, eaglet-do” stages now which apply not only to wing-flapping wingersize, but also by exercising legs and feet for forceful stomps on the tarmac rebounder to gain a little lift. Hoppersizing is just around the corner, and then the junior aviators will keep us thrilled with their stunts as they gain more confidence and skill with each maneuver mastered. Get your measuring tape ready to calculate height hoppersizing, or distance in games of Leap Eaglet soaring over a sibling, or Hop Squash if somebirdie is planted on the runway. The Stunt Show is about to start, and you won’t want to miss a minute!

Here are two short and sweet videos of the junior aviators with thanks to LizzieEaglespirit and Tulsaducati.
* 5-6 – DN13 Wingersized little hop (17seconds) https://youtu.be/r5ZByLgFfNM
* 5-4 – 9 am Dual wingercizing, preening, standing upright https://youtu.be/CzdneeIV0xM