Join us for a VIP Watch Party featuring NOVA: Eagle Power!

Join Iowa PBS and the Raptor Resource Project virtually on Tuesday, June 22 at 7 p.m. for a VIP Watch Party featuring NOVA: Eagle Power. This program takes viewers into the lives of these spectacular birds, following a nest of bald eagle chicks as they face everything from sibling rivalries to insect swarms and learn the skills they’ll need to survive. Meanwhile, researchers study one special golden eagle, using cutting-edge filming technology to capture her hunting techniques and flight maneuvers.

After the program, members of the Decorah-based Raptor Resource Project will join the conversation live to discuss the Decorah eagles, which are featured in this national program. Through the online shared media viewing platform, audience members can discuss the film, share resources and ask questions during the live discussion.

>>> RSVP for free and join us here: We look forward to seeing you!