Join us for our annual fledge fundraiser!

The Raptor Resource Project will be holding our annual Fledge Fundraiser on Saturday, June 26th! We’ll be celebrating fledglings at Decorah North and Decorah and soon-to-be fledgling Chance (the raptor) at Great Spirit Bluff! You can join us for chat on the Decorah North page, the Decorah Eagles page, and for a QA thread over on our Facebook page!

Your donation helps sustain the Raptor Resource Project and all of our nests: the Decorah eagles, the Decorah North eagles, the Fort St. Vrain eagles, the Great Spirit Bluff falcons, the Wisconsin kestrels, the Marshall Turkey vultures, the La Crosse falcons, the Red Wing falcons, and so many more! It also supports our banding program and our partnership with organizations like, the Philippine Eagle Foundation, and Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology. Together, we are making a difference for birds!

We appreciate all donations of any amount, but it would be wonderful if you could help us reach our goal of 200 monthly donors giving $15/month. Thank you so much for everything you do for us and for the birds!