Peregrine Falcon Chance Fledges at Great Spirit Bluff!

Forty-six day old Chance the Raptor fledged flawlessly at 8:23 AM CDT on Monday, July 19! We knew fledge was right around the corner since Chance reached several milestones over the past few days: hopping to the outer porch (, exploring the branch perch on the left side of the box (, flying to the top of the nestbox (, and flying back down to the nestbox perch (

As we saw this this year, fledge is a process. It has been so fun to watch her trampolining around her nest, flapping her wings, and building the strength, skill, and confidence she needed to take her first flight. As always, I’m both thrilled and a little sad to see her go. Good luck, Chance – and please don’t be a stranger!