Shutdown announcement

We’re so glad we got to spend time with all of you this year – a year of wonderment at the North nest, wistful memories at the Decorah nest (thanks so much to Robin Brumm and Iver Burl for their boots on the ground reporting), and hope and crossed fingers at GSB! We’ll be shutting our Decorah and Decorah North streams down for maintenance on Sunday, August 15, at 5:00 PM CDT. Look for a special chat on the Decorah nest from 3pm to 5pm on August 15 and watch the North nest for a flash chat!

Thank you to our camera operators and videomakers for sharing the lives of our eagles and the world around them, to our moderators for telling their stories and building the eagle community, and to you for watching, sharing, learning, and especially for caring! All of you make this the nicest place on the web!