Nest and cameras work update

Happy Tuesday, everyone! A quick update: we finished work at the North nest, where we replaced two cameras, took old equipment down, and measured the North nest. The outside measurement – farthest stick to farthest stick! – is 12 feet by 8.25 feet. The inside measurement – the part the eagles use – is 6.25 by 6 feet. It’s hard to get a height on this nest, but I’m guessing four feet. It’s a big nest!

In Decorah, we cleaned cameras, built a starter nest at N1 (video:, and (thanks to the hatchery) left some lovely trout in the new N1 nest and N2B. Following John’s blueprint for the Fort St. Vrain nest, we built the N1 starter nest with eyebolts, wire, and branches and mulch from the Decorah Yard Waste site, aka Mulch Mountain for long term fans. Hatchery staff told us that they are seeing Mom and DM2 every morning, so we are hopeful they will return. Keep your talons crossed!

What else is going on? We’re working on a backup camera at a new Decorah location! We’ve set ropes and built a scaffold in preparation for placing cameras later this week, so wish us luck! Dave Kester opened up two banding stations earlier this week – one in Decorah and one over on the Mississippi – and we are seeing rivers of hawks and peregrines pour through. I look forward to posting more about that as migration deepens, but for now, check out our Flyway cam to watch migrants headed south!

Thanks so much for watching, sharing, learning, and especially for caring – and for being patient through our quiet season! Our eagle cams will be back online soon!