Egg Number Four for Mrs. Goose!

Mrs. Goose laid egg number four in N2B on March 28, 2022, at 6:08 PM. She went into full incubation immediately afterwards, which means we expect hatch on or around April 25th.

Unlike Bald eagles, Canada geese are precocial: capable of moving around and self-feeding shortly after hatch. The goslings will jump from the nest within about 24 hours after hatch begins. The jump is high (about 70′), but the goslings weigh just three to four ounces when they hatch and will be landing on brush and soft earth. Once they land, their parents will corral them and lead them to water: in this case, the hatchery pond or the creek that flows beneath the nest.

Male Canada geese don’t incubate, but we’ve already seen Papa Goose respond to a potential threat by flying into the nest and standing sentry while Mom and DM2 visited nearby. Geese are formidable opponents and we are hopeful that the goose family will get to complete their laying, incubation, and hatching cycle in N2B.

Here’s a video of Mother and Papa Goose in the nest:
March 29, 2022: N2B on high alert – You can watch this cam live at