Giving Tuesday Fundraiser on Tuesday, November 29!

Please join us on November 29, the first Tuesday after Thanksgiving, for our fundraiser on Giving Tuesday! We’ll be holding three special chats and John and Amy will make a special appearance to talk about the year and recap events at all of our sites. Our chat schedule looks like this:

Decorah North Eagles
  • Chat will be open from 6pm to 8pm
Decorah Eagles
  • We will have two chats: 9am to 12pm, and 3pm to 5pm
Mississippi Flyway
  • Chat begins at 11:00am

With our excellent staff and equipment – paid for by you! – we are here almost every day of the year to let you know about your favorite bald eagles, falcons, and Flyway birds. Our volunteer chat moderators and camera operators put their all into sharing the stories and images of their lives. We’re working behind the scenes for them: maintaining nest sites, monitoring populations, and working with researchers to protect our birds and their habitats. We are even here to let you know about the good that people are doing and to share ways that we can all make a difference. Thank you for watching with us, for supporting our work, and for embracing the natural world however you can. We couldn’t do it without your help.

“We cannot know what will unfold from our actions now or in the future; yet we can trust that things will change; they always do. But our vows, our actions, how we live, what we care about, what we care for, and how we care really do matter all the same.”

Thanks to our camera operators for sharing their very favorite behind-the-scenes images from our sites!