Where are our eagles? D36, 733, and 834 check in!

Thanks for the airmail, eagles! Once again, our inboxes were stuffed with postcards this week as D36 and Golden Eagles 732, 733, 832, and 834 all checked in. Click each image to see a full-sized postcard and click the right arrow to see each eagle’s map!

Bald Eagle D36 | Three-Year Old Subadult Male Eagle

D36 has moved! Brett wrote: “D36 has begun a flyabout, heading generally SW and west of where he has spent the past several months. What prompted that? Who knows, but maybe with other streams and rivers in NE IA opening up, he’s literally spreading his wings.” He started his flyabout on March 3 with a 16-mile flight SW to the Wapsipinicon River, followed up with a 20-mile flight WNW to the Cedar River just NE of Floyd, Iowa. His last postmark was 48.7 miles from his natal nest – farther than he has been for months!

Welcome to beautiful Floyd, Iowa! https://goo.gl/maps/wpCWxjBHfGNEbKW29

Golden Eagle 733 | Subadult Female Golden Eagle |

733 is also spreading her wings! She flew almost 68 miles north between February 28 and March 3, including a 41-mile leg on March 3rd. Last year, adult eagle 731 went north in early March, but subadult 733 didn’t leave until late April. We’ll see if she continues to head north or settles down to cruise the snow line. It’s a little north of her now, but may not be by this time tomorrow!

Wish you were here! 733 is spending time near Castle Mound, southeast of Black River Falls, WI. Explore her area: https://goo.gl/maps/RDrTW6rxeVZUHbqn7

Golden Eagle 834 | Subadult Male Golden Eagle

834 didn’t make any big moves, although he was already north of 733 and a little closer to the snowline. He’s not far from Praag, WI – an area full of steep coulees, wrinkled hills, and small uplands. We’ll see if he shifts north or continues to explore the area, which looks like Golden Eagle paradise to me!

Having a wonderful time! What does Praag, WI look like? Take a virtual visit! https://goo.gl/maps/QmDamjpksuxjnC1y9

A thousand thanks to Brett Mandernack and Ryan Schmitz for sharing their maps, data, and expertise! To explore the travels of these three eagles – and the other eagles we’ve tracked – visit our interactive maps at https://www.raptorresource.org/learning-tools/eagle-map/. To learn more about the Golden Eagle project and meet the eagles, follow this link! https://www.raptorresource.org/learning-tools/golden-eagles/

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