March 28, 2023: What are we looking forward to this week?

What are we looking forward to this week? Eggs, eggs, eggs! We have four eggs at Dairyland Power’s Alma plant, at least one egg at Great River Energy’s Elk River campus, and eggy falcons at Minnesota Power’s Hibbard plant and three other sites that aren’t online. We don’t know how many eggs Mother Goose will lay, but she’s laid four so far and should be going into full incubation soon.

We’re also looking forward to hatch in Decorah (our estimate is April 4, but hatch is a process and it could start a little earlier or a little later), the Wisconsin kestrels coming back online (we’re working on it), moo-rades at the North nest, and watching Mr. North and DNF, who were working on the North nest just this morning. If she re-clutches, it will probably be about three weeks from now.

Thanks for watching, everyone! Talons crossed for the birds at all of our nests.