May 11, 2023: Fort St. Vrain Eaglet dies after hail storm

From the Fort St. Vrain Eagle page. FSV48 died following a severe hailstorm. Ma tried to keep them covered, but they were both pretty large and she couldn’t keep them beneath her.

Yesterday we lost our FSV48 at 26 days old. I will remember 48 as one of the spunkiest younger siblings I’ve ever seen. 48 always pushed to the front of the food line and when bonked would give it back. I will remember 47 putting their wing over 48 all the time…. Soar high sweet FSV48.

One comment really struck me: “For me this season has been so bittersweet, the loss of moms and dads and babies; as well as the loss of unviable eggs. But the sweet has been as normal, so huge! Because the sheer resilience of these beautiful beings and the amazing successes are so heart filling.” We’re wishing the best for FSV47, the remaining eaglet at Fort St. Vrain.

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