ATF Tours and Presentations

We hope you enjoy the presentations and tours from our 2020 virtual After The Fledge party! We missed seeing you in person, but we were happy to connect with so many of you online. Whatever happens next year, we will add a virtual component so all the eagle nation can attend! Tours | Presentations


After The Fledge Tour One: The Hatchery

After The Fledge Tour Two: The Nests

After The Fledge Tour Three: Tracking Eagles


RRP Director John Howe’s Presentation

Dr. Laura Johnson and Great Horned Owl Robbie

Amy’s Presentation

Mississippi Flyway Tribute and Memorial
This awesome tribute and memorial was created by the Fly mods. I hope you enjoy it as much as we did!


What’s On The Menu This Season At Our Nests? Sherri Elliott shares her observations from the Decorah and Decorah North Nests.