Chatroom Guidelines

RRP Moderated Chat is a structured environment to learn about eagles, particularly our nests, in a family-friendly setting. Moderators (Mods) participate in discussions during the hours chat is open.

The Mods are appreciative of all who visit this cam and this chat. However, we cannot each say hello and/or good-bye to each and every person. Please know that we celebrate you being here. And that we do see you!!

Moderators will enforce the following guidelines.

PLEASE NOTE: Verifiable Private Messages (PMs) that are insulting, offensive or rude may result in being banned from the chatroom. If you are receiving such PMs, contact a mod for instructions before you delete them.

Moderators have volunteered their time to make chat a family friendly place to watch the Decorah eagles nest with the added bonus of learning about eagles. While Mods spend time learning about the eagles, particularly these eagles, we are not avian/raptor experts. We try to answer questions with the knowledge and information we know. The limits of chat prevent us from posting sources for much of our information but the RRP Forum has the Mod Education Threads that are full of detailed info and many sources are cited there. Moderators are here to make sure all viewers have a good experience.

Decorah Moderated chat
The lead moderators are jfrancl, tulsaducati, and Oregonian. Decorah North Moderated Chat
The lead moderator is Bremerbirdfan. Moderators are Beautfyofeagles, EagleEyeDNN, EagleLady4, RRivereagle, and Shelliott.

Moderators on both channels can timeout, kick, or permanently ban chat abusers and will delete inappropriate posts. If your presence is disruptive, mods will remove you from chat. Allow mods to deal with chat abusers and do not engage them yourself. Enjoy this chat about the Decorah Eagles and visit the Chat Mods boards on the RRP Forum for more interaction and Decorah eagle time!