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Nest news: Eagles, eggs, falcons, and D27 on the move!

Dad and his eggs

Decorah Eagles Mom laid egg number three last night at 6:36 PM CT! The arrival of her third egg heralds the end of egg-laying, and the beginning of eaglet anticipation! We’re predicting a first hatch on April 1st and we’re trying to get a glimpse of all three eggs behind Mom and Dad’s Great Wall. While it has been warm, winter is not over yet! Mom and Dad are both piling up and pulling in husks and grasses to help

What a year!

What a year it has been! Our banding season stretched from late May to early July this year, although a combination of black flies, hippoboscids, extreme weather, and reduced productivity caused our numbers to fall. In 2017, we banded 58 falcons at 22 sites as compared to 77 falcons at 25 sites in 2016. We also replaced cameras and microphones at many of our nests, started a new partnership with Explore to provide an ads-free stream of the Decorah Eagles,

Hatch and Nest Round-up

D24 and D25 in Decorah

We have a lot of nests to keep up with! Check this page for ongoing hatch forecasts and actual hatch dates for all of our cammed nests. Decorah Nest, Decorah IA D24 and D25 have hatched! We are waiting for D26. As of today, the last egg was laid 39 days ago and is still within its hatch window. For more information and dates, visit this page (the 2016 nesting record is on the right): Decorah Eagles. Hatch dates in Decorah are: D24: