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Courtship, copulation, and other things romantic!

February 5, 2020: Body brushing - Mom and DM2 stand wing to wing in the nest

This is a traditional Valentines Day post for us, but we decided not to wait this year…just in case one of our eagle pairs lays eggs early! Bald eagle courtship Bald eagles are famous for their whirling nuptial flight, but eagle courtship includes any activities that establish a new pair bond or renew an existing one. At our Decorah, Decorah North, and Fort St. Vrain nests, courtship usually begins in early October. Bonded pairs start working on their nests by

Nestflix: Decorah and Decorah North

February 3, 2020: Mom indicates an interest in bonding

We have some great news: Mom’s eye appears to be healing and the Great Spirit Bluff Falcon cliff cam is back! Since we have falcons back at at least two sites – Redbird Bluff in the DeSoto, WI area and Xcel Energy’s Sherco plant near Becker, MN – I recommend watching for Newman! Male peregrine falcons often return before females, which means we are likely to see him before we see Michelle. If you see any falcons, give us an

Dr. Laura on Mom’s Eye

January 29, 2020: Mom's eye up close

Thanks to our camera operators’ diligent work and John’s high-powered cameras, we got some excellent photos of Mom’s right eye today! We forwarded them to Dr. Laura, who said: I think that what we are seeing is a scar on the cornea; the cornea becomes opaque instead of clear when it’s been damaged. It does appear slightly raised, which is a bit unusual, so she could also have a foreign object (a small piece of bark, a stick, a grass

Nestflix: Decorah, Decorah North, Mississippi Flyway, Odds & Ends

January 29, 2020: Mr. North at DNN

Decorah North Eagles 1/28/20: Down by the stream – Mr. North and DNF perch by the stream before flying out. Check out DNF’s spa-time at 14:31 as she preens, scratches, shakes out her tail, and gets under her wings at 15:59. Spa-time over, Mr. North comes into the nest to do a little work. Look for some nice close-ups beginning in the 30th minute, a good look at the egg-cup’s basement at 30:57, DNF hauling in a monster stick

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