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We have two Skywalkers and a brancher!

June 17, 2020: Skywalker D34

D34 took flight to the Skywalk at 9:11am this morning! It couldn’t have been a more perfect flight … from head bobbing triangulation to strength and distance landing beyond the green leafy roadblock on the lower approach. D36 must have been inspired by the fantastic feat, since it followed with a very brief branch to the left side perch at 10:19am! D35 joined the eee-lympics at 5:43pm with a short but confident flight to the Skywalk! The eaglets are 73,

Gnasty Gnarly Gnats

June 11, 2020: An eaglet in the nest

Gah! What are we going to do about the gnasty gnarly gnats? The short answer: there isn’t much we can do. We can’t get a permit to go into the nest for gnat control (we checked). Going up to the nest right now would be an extremely risky proposition even if we could, since the eaglets would likely bolt from the nest – a real possibility at 50 days of age or older. Our attempt to ‘save’ the eaglets could

Decorah eaglet D34 branches!

June 11, 2020: D34 branches in Decorah

Was that a branch in Decorah at around 6:20am this morning? After some discussion, we decided it was! D34 (we believe) made a very short wing-powered assist up on to a branch while D35 and D36 watched with what looked like a lot of curiosity. The eaglet eee-lympics have begun! Can we really consider D34’s brief hop and clamber to be a branch? We all prefer an unequivocal ‘yes!’ event, but it isn’t always easy to draw neat lines around

May 19, 2020: It’s a Mega Raptor Marathon from Decorah and Decorah North!

May 19, 2020: DN12 at the North Nest

The eaglets at Decorah and Decorah North are all past the halfway point in nest life. They usually fledge at 75 to 80 days, with males often (but not always) fledging first. We see a lot of baby behaviors in the first four to five weeks of nest life: eat, bonk (until about the third week), poop, sleep, repeat. The baby-eees are also exploring the nest and gaining skills, but things don’t really kick into high gear until they begin

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