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Nestflix from the Flyway, Decorah, and Decorah North

December 17, 2019: DM2 on the Skywalk

What was that on the Flyway yesterday? It was a beaver! We’ve got a video and more information than you might be looking for – beavers are a lot stranger than I thought. We also have videos from Decorah (be advised: getting up close and personal with lunch is not for the faint of heart or stomach) and a five-way eagle food-fight from Decorah North. We hope you enjoy these videos as much as we did – thanks to our

Videos: What do you call a Bald Eagle Food Fight?

December 12, 2019: DM2 in Decorah

We have videos from Decorah, Decorah North, and the Mississippi Flyway! Before you start: following a Bald Eagle food fight on the Mississippi River, we asked what you would call a group of quarrelsome Bald Eagles. Convocation is the correct term, but it seemed too formal to apply to a full-on eagle food fight! Here are your suggestions, in posted order: Rabblers, Congress, Recess, Carnival, Squee, Woohoo, Rave, Quarrel, Squabble, Gawk, Commotion, Confusion, Frat Party, Scrum, and Rabble Rousers! Thank

Eagle pool party, thieving squirrels, and Sandhill cranes!

December 9, 2019: A subadult at the North Nest

A kettle is a collective term for a group of migrating raptors, but what should we call a group of eagles on the ground? The terms ‘Collective’ and ‘Council’ don’t really fit the rowdy pool party antics of the eagles we saw at the North nest today. A squabble? A quarrel? A crush? Whatever you call it, they were fascinating to watch. Feel free to give your naming suggestions below! We also watched a brave squirrel thief filching nest materials

Sunday Videos: Decorah, Mississippi Flyway, and Decorah North

December 8, 2019: DNF at Decorah North

We have your Decorah Eagles, Flyway, and Decorah North Eagles videos! A Sunday short and sweet: thanks for finding, creating, watching, learning, and caring. You all rock! 🦅 Decorah Eagles 12/08/19: Mom & DM2 Close Ups and nest work – https://youtu.be/F_qePs2uxf4. The first three minutes and fifteen seconds of this vdeio are featured below. At about 3 minutes, DM2 flies into N2B with some cornstalks. There must have been a two for one sale at Nest Depot – the bowl

Friday videos!

December 5, 2019: Mr North

Happy Fri-yay! This morning’s #FridayFun includes some incredible footage of a flyway eagle food fight, a beautiful convocation of eagles, adult eagles taking themselves to the adult table, some fascinating behavior by Mr. North, mating at the North Nest, and starlings and geese. I was not able to pick favorites today – I recommend watching them all! Having said that, I was especially struck by Mr. North’s interesting behavior and the ‘Eagles of many ages’. Eagles are so amazing –

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