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Tick-Tock Hatch Clock! Videos and news from Decorah North, the Flyway, and Decorah

March 21, 2022: DNF's nictitating eyelid.

We’re counting down four days to our guesstimated hatch date at Decorah North, Canada geese are keeping us on the confusion couch in Decorah, and the Flyway is busy with new arrivals! We hope you enjoy these videos as much as we did. Talons crossed for hatch later this week! Decorah North Eagles March 20, 2022: DNF gets a headless fish for dinner – https://youtu.be/bAwNrF9v7R8. Mr. North flies in with breakfish as DNF wheedles and pleads, letting him know just

Catching up with the Norths, the Decorahs, and the Flyw

March 8, 2022: Handsome Mr. North takes his turn at incubation. Countdown to hatch as of March 15: 10 days!

I apologize for falling behind on videos last week. I’m getting caught up now and hope to have the very latest videos posted by tomorrow. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy catching up with our families! We have so many delightful videos today, including a very surprised squirrel, DNF playing hide and seek in a veritable haystack, Mom and DM2 on N2B, muskrat love on the Flyway, and sandhill cranes! The ice went out on the Flyway on March

February 14, 2022: Valentine’s Day NestFlix!

2022 Valentine's Day Card

Roses are Red/Violets are blue/Eagles are Tweet/And So Are You! Thanks so much to CamOp Coqui for today’s Valentine’s Day card and to all of you for watching, sharing, learning, and especially for caring. We hope your Valentine’s Day was especially tweet: kick up your feet and grab the chocolates for tonight’s NestFlix round-up! 🦅❤️ Decorah North Eagles February 14, 2022: Valentine’s Day mate date for Mr. North and DNF – https://youtu.be/KLFHdw6Bwew. The video opens with a lovely Valentine’s Day

February 6, 2022: Superb-Owl Sunday!

February 6, 2022: Superb-owl Sunday

The Super Bowl kicks off next Sunday, but Superb-Owls kept us glued to the screen on February 6th! I especially liked getting to hear vocalizations. Like bald eagles, snowy owls vocalize in the egg, although female owls don’t appear to vocalize back and we don’t know whether siblings hear one another. A snowy owl’s vocal array includes food begging, hooting, barking, grunting, screaming, whistling, and twittering. I believe this owl is giving the territorial screaming display described by David Evans

When will it happen? Eggs, falcons, ice-out, and snowy owls!

February 16, 2021: DNF's first egg

When will the eagles lay eggs? When will falcons come back? When will Snowy Owls leave? Your questions, answered! Check the quick and easy schedule below or read on to get the details! Want to help us log spring migrants on the Flyway? Share your sightings on our Facebook page, Instagram, or explore.org’s snapshot gallery. Please @raptorresource on Facebook and Instagram, and tag with #springmigration2022 on all platforms. You can also email photos and sightings to [email protected] Remember to include

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