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January 17, 2023: Who turned on the switch at the North Nest? North News and NestFlix!

January 17, 2023: DNF near the North nest.

Who turned on the switch at the North Nest? Mr. North and DNF have been very busy with nestorations! The two laid down a nice framework of sticks and filled it with a veritable shag carpet of husks, stalks, and grass, replenishing it as squirrels filch material for their own nests! Turkeys also appear to be responding to longer days and diminished snow cover: we’re seeing males displaying and females roosting in trees. Now I understand how turkey vultures got

January 15, 2023: A Day Trip to Decorah

January 15, 2023: DM2 escorting a subadult out of the area

Story and photos by Robin Brumm It has been quite awhile since I’ve been able to go to Decorah. The weather in the winter doesn’t always cooperate with my work schedule, lol. This past weekend was supposed to be warmer, so on Sunday, I got up early and off I went! When I got to Decorah, I drove through the hatchery first because I heard from a friend that there was a subadult hanging around. I saw an adult in

Rodenticides, proposed rules, and raptors

Red-Tailed Hawk, Credit Sophia Landis

The US Environmental Protection Agency is seeking input on new rules restricting rodenticides. As points out, wildlife and pets are in daily danger of being poisoned when homeowners, businesses, and exterminators use anticoagulant rodenticides, aka rat poisons, to control rodents. This puts many birds of prey at high risk for secondary poisoning, including California condors, turkey vultures, great horned owls, barn owls, red-tailed hawks, and American kestrels. While bald eagles don’t eat many small rodents, we’ve seen our eagles

January 10, 2023: Nestorations and bonding activities are ramping up!

January 9, 2023: Bonding doesn't go as expected.

Nestorations and bonding activities are ramping up at both of our nests! We’ve seen tail swishing, mutual vocalization, and a few bonding attempts in Decorah, although HD especially appears to be learning the ropes when it comes to eagle love. Fortunately, he’s quite good at sharing meals and wonky sticks! Meanwhile, DNF and Mr. North are busy bringing in and arranging sticks and soft materials to create an egg-cellent nursery for this year’s clutch of egglets and eaglets. We’re impressed

The Neighborhood Watch: Alarm Calls

January 8, 2023: HM responds to the neighborhood crow watch with a warning of his own.

On Saturday of January 7, we watched HM and HD respond to alarm calls issued by the local neighborhood crow watch. Alarm calls convey information with pitch, volume, bandwidth, repetition, duration, inflection, and sound. Most of us are familiar with a chickadee’s ‘chick-a-dee-dee-dee’ alarm call: a social signal that tells other chickadees to rally in the vicinity of the predator – usually a perched bird of prey – and join in a chorus or mob of calling. The number of

January 8, 2023: Decorah News and NestFlix!

January 6, 2022: HD eats a frozen fish stick!

Happy Sunday, everyone! We’ve got a small but lovely selection of videos from Decorah, including beautiful chilly close-ups, a wonderful fly-in, and a frozen fish stick for lunch! We hope you enjoy them as much as we did. Decorah Eagles January 8, 2023: Beautiful chilly close-ups, HM and HD – Just what the title says – beautiful if chilly close-ups of HM (left) and HD (right). Listen at 13:48 and you’ll hear the neighborhood crow watch sounding the alarm.

Tick-tock egg clock! Date guesstimates all around our nests.

January 5, 2023: HM near N1

Tick-tock egg clock! Okay, it’s a little early to start counting the minutes, but here are the days we’ve penciled into our planners for first eggs, first falcons, and ice-out on the Mississippi River Flyway. Get your (RRP) calendars out and feel welcome to make your own best guesstimates. Eggs will be here before we know it! Decorah North I’m saving the afternoon of February 16th for DNF’s first egg! She’s been a remarkably consistent layer date and timewise, although

January 4, 2023: NestFlix and News from Decorah!

January 4, 2023: HM and HD in snow.

Is anyone else tired of what seems like the eleventy-billionth winter storm this season? Decorah and Decorah North were hit with snow, rain, and sleet today: a dreaded mix that can be tough on wildlife adapted to January’s usual snow and subzero temperatures. Despite the frightful weather, HD and HM stayed busy with nestorations, a shared lunch, and some preening. The days are already five minutes longer than they were on the solstice and we’ve seen behavior that indicates both

January 2, 2023: News and NestFlix from the North Nest!

January 1, 2023: Happy New Years! Mr. North (left) and DNF (right) ring in the New Year with nestorations!

We have your Decorah North NestFlix! While we expected to see a little less of DNF and Mr. North during the recent deep-freeze, it was still a relief to see them ringing in the New Year with nestorations! I enjoyed all of these videos, but I especially liked Mr. North’s successful fishing trip, his first trip back to the snow-covered North nest, and the beautiful white-tailed deer in the snow. Thanks so much to our camera operators and video makers

Happy New Year!

Image from Land of Ten Thousand Lakes

Here is to nest lovers and followers all around the world: the things we’ve learned, the beautiful wild families we’ve watched and protected, and everyone who came together to share hope and mourn loss in the birds’ lives and in our own lives. You gave us the joy of community in yet another difficult year. Thank you so much for being here. May 2023 be a better year for all everyone we hold dear, and may those we carry in

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