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D36 fitted with transmitter

June 30, 2020: D36 and the eagle team

Raptor Resource Project (RRP) would like to announce the successful banding, transmitter application, and release of the juvenile Decorah Bald Eagle known as D36. This morning at 5:50AM, RRP Board Members Brett Mandernack (of Eagle Valley Nature Preserve) and David Lynch, and Carole Mandernack (from Eagle Valley Nature Preserve), Ryan Schmitz from Eagle Valley Nature Preserve) and Kolton Loeffelholz (of Eagle Valley Preserve), captured D36 for the purpose of applying a GPS tracking transmitter and leg band. D36 was found

Your Transmitter Questions, answered

D34 and D36

You asked: Why are we doing this? Will it hurt the eagles? Will they still be able to reproduce? How much does the transmitter weigh? Read on for our answers. Why are you doing this? Our eagles are part of a larger longitudinal study to investigate and learn about the lives of bald eagles. Our eagles are extra special because we know their place of origin. Most eagles that Brett traps are wintering along the Mississippi river. We think they

Nestflix: Fledglings!

June 27, 2020: Fledgling on a power pole

Where does the time go? It seems like just yesterday that we were posting about our little ddd-darlings going from bobbleheads to sleek young predators! You already know that we had a successful fledge at both nests, but how are our fledglings doing after leaving the nest? D34, D35, D36, and DN12 are doing very well as they gain flight and hunting skills! We love to see Moms and Dads interact with and prepare their fledglings for life beyond the

Did you see? Brekkie for Baby!

June 26, 2020: DN12 and Mama DNF

By Sherri Elliott Decorah North fledgling DN12 is 12 1/2 weeks old (88 days) today and while his/her size dwarfs its parents, it’s still a young’un. Adult size of about 3ft in length and its ginormous wingspan is between 6-7ft. If a bald eagle was sitting on the center of your standard size 6 ft sofa, extended wings would reach to each armrest, or if standing next to my computer could see my monitor. (Amy’s note: want to stand six

D27 phones home!

June 2020: D27's migration map

D27 has reached her summer grounds on the shores of Lake Severn in Northwestern Ontario! Over 750 miles passed beneath her wings as she journeyed north into Canada’s great boreal forest. We wish her the best summer vacation ever: cool waters, plenty of fish, and other eagles to play with and steal meals from! Fly high, D27, and don’t forget to write! As always, a thousand thanks to Brett Mandernack and the staff of Eagle Valley for sharing their data,

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