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August 26 Day Trip: Robin sees Mom Decorah!

August 26, 2022: Mom near N3

Story and photos by Robin Brumm I wanted to head to Decorah and Friday looked like the best weather day, so I got up at dark o’clock and got ready. Unfortunately, I had to leave about an hour later because of the fog, but finally I was able to head out. I saw DM2 the last time I was there, but haven’t seen Mom the last few times, so I was hoping she would be around this time. I have

Happy Cottonwood (well, Oak) Graduation!

2022 Cottonwood Certificate

The season isn’t quite over, but the amount of time that DN15 and DN16 spent in our viewfinder has come to an end. We haven’t seen DN15 since August 9th, or DN16 since August 15th. Our eaglets have graduated to Eagle College and new adventures in the wild blue yonder! We invite everyone to join us for celebratory chats and a fundraiser on our Decorah North and Decorah Eagle pages! This year marked some firsts, happy and otherwise, for all

Countdown to Shutdown #4: DN15 and DN16

Eaglets DN15 and DN16 at Decorah North, April 2, 2022.

DN15 and DN16 hatched on March 25 and March 27 respectively. We were enthralled as they grew from fluffy bobbleheads into sleek young predators and loved watching them reach important milestones: the first feeding, the first nestploration, bonking battles and food steals, wingercizing, stick play, self-feeding, pin feathers, standing, jumping, hovering, branching, and finally fledging. DN15 was 77 days old when he fledged on June 11. DN16 gave our eagle-watching Dads a nice Father’s Day present when she fledged at

Countdown to Shutdown #3: What’s on the Menu at the North Nest?

An eyeball? Absolutely! Nothing goes to waste in an eagle's nest.

I hope you like sushi! What’s on the menu at the North nest? We crunched the numbers to learn what Mr. North, DNF, and the eaglets were eating: breakfish, second breakfish, eightses, luncheon, afternoon raccoon, cowghetti dinner, and breakfish for supper! Read on to learn more! Overall Prey Deliveries Mr. North and DNF delivered 523 meals to the nest. He brought in 56% of all meals and a majority of the fish (64%), while she brought in 44% of all

Countdown to Shutdown #2: The Confusion Couch Becomes a Tilt-a-Whirl

March 31, 2022: A nice look at the new eagle couple.

I looked back through our notes and relived the wild cottonwood ride all over again! Mom and DM2, the appearance of two new eagles at N1, and the Canada goose takeover at N2B kept us enthralled, concerned, thrilled, and clinging to the Confusion Couch.  February at the hatchery: Mom, DM2, and a few eagles we don’t recognize! Back in early February of 2022, we were seeing a little bit of Mom and DM2 around our hatchery nests: enough to give

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