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D27 visits!

September 19, 2019: D27's map

D27 visited her home territory! On September 12th, we tracked her to just a couple hundred feet from N2B. We’ve seen several subadult eagles since we started working, but we missed her. As Brett noted “D-27 continues to stay fairly close to her natal area, shifting often.” Stay safe, D27 – we hope to see you soon! A thousand thanks to Brett Mandernack and the staff of Eagle Valley for sharing their knowledge, maps, and expertise with us. If you’d

Migration report: D27 phones home!

D27 fall 2019 migration map

D27 sent another postcard – from Decorah! Our little eaglet began her fall 2019 migration on August 11. She arrived on her winter territory on August 25, 14 days and about 690 miles later. Between the 11th and the 13th, D27 flew an incredible 336 miles in 39 hours, averaging a speed of almost nine miles per hour. Her stats look like this: She flew her biggest day on August 12, traveling roughly 138 miles, or almost 20% of her

Fall of 2019: Weekly Decorah Eagles Update

August 20, 2019: Mom hasn't yet brought in any sticks herself, but she's supervised nest building and moved sticks!

We don’t normally update when we shut off our cameras, but things got complicated this year when a subadult male eagle began building a nest at N1. We don’t know whether the new nest is for fun or for keeps since subadult eagles sometimes build ‘play’ nests. We’ll see who nests where later this year! Click the link below to read the latest updates and view a photo gallery of nestorations! You can also visit our Facebook gallery at

8-22-19 ~ Day Trip to Decorah

August 22, 2019: Sub-adult eagle in Decorah

Story and photos by Robin Brumm Thursday was supposed to be mostly sunny and high temps in the mid 70’s … What to do, what to do? Go to Decorah of course! So I got up at dark o’clock and off I went. When I got to Decorah I didn’t see anybirdie in the usual perch places. I parked the car and looked up at maple, and there was the sub-adult (SA)! How do they do that … Just appear

Videos from GSB and the Flyway!

August 21, 2019: Falcon Mackey at Great Spirit Bluff

We have videos from GSB and the Flyway! At Great Spirit Bluff, male peregrine Mackey drops by to check the rock ledge diner out, although he doesn’t stay very long. On the Flyway, ducks preen (don’t miss the lovely juvenile male wood duck), Sandhill cranes forage, eagles splish-splash, and birds take flight at dusk! We apologize for our sporadic posting – cam season is upon us and we’re out in Colorado working on the Fort St. Vrain eagle cam right

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