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Meet Peregrine Falcon Nova at Great Spirit Bluff!

Nova, our new female falcon at Great Spirit Bluff. Isn't she beautiful! Notice that she is not banded.

We are excited to announce a name for our beautiful new female falcon at Great Spirit Bluff! We have chosen the name Nova and we think it fits her well as the new female falcon of our current nesting pair. Nova appeared at the bluff on February 24th shortly after Newman’s arrival on February 18th. Nova has found a new home at the bluff and has really settled in and become familiar with all the typical perch spots, food cache

Egg Colors and Shapes

eggs 175x175 - Egg Colors and Shapes

The Chicago Peregrine Program inspired me to write a quick blog on the colors and shapes of eggs. Bald eagles have white eggs, peregrine falcons have eggs that range from light cream through brick red, and red-tailed hawks have pale eggs that are lightly splotched with brown. How and why do the birds we watch lay differently-colored and shaped eggs? In general, female birds inherit egg colors and patterns from their female parents. Egg-shell is made primarily of calcium carbonate,

Oh, poop shoot!

April 16, 2018: Poop Shoot!

Everyone poops, but birds do it a little differently than we do. Next time you are washing bird poop off your car, or laughing at eagle poop shoots, take time to consider an eagle’s whole pooping process! The basic chain of events goes something like this. An eagle catches a fish and eats it. The bits of fish move from the eagle’s esophagus into an expandable storage pouch called the crop, which allows birds to gorge food much faster than

D27 phones home!

Postcards: Bluffton, Iowa

D27 phoned home! Our wandering eaglet sent a postcard from Bluffton, Iowa – roughly a mile or so from Bob’s old peregrine falcon breeding project. She’s been wandering more as the days grow longer and the weather warms. In January, D27 logged a total of 132.5 miles over 88 data points, with an average trip distance of 1.5 miles. She hunkered down just a tiny bit more in February: logging 132.2 miles, with an average trip distance of 1.1 miles.

NestFlix video round-up! Decorah, Decorah North, and Great Spirit Bluff

March 23, 2020: DM2 in Decorah

We have a NestFlix mega-roll from Decorah, Decorah North, and Great Spirit Bluff for everyone today! I loved all of these videos, but I especially loved Mom pulling grass, DM2 stepping on Mom’s tale while presenting his cornhusk arrangement, funny moments at the Valley of the Norths, and Mr. North’s giant stick (Mr. North is Paul Bunyan!). The tribute to Michelle brought tears to my eyes. Thanks for watching, learning, sharing, and especially for caring. Decorah Eagles Egg one is

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