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Things to do in and around Decorah!

View from the Driftless

A post written by Project friend Iver. What is there to do in and around Decorah outside of watching eagles? Plenty! #Decorah #Driftless EXPLORE THE DRIFTLESS It seems there will not be much eagle-watching at the hatchery this year. While gathering beneath the trees at beautiful Siewer’s Spring is a fine way to spend a summer weekend, perhaps this is a year to explore some of what Decorah and The Driftless Zone have to offer? Here are some of my

An Update at Great Spirit Bluff

07/08/19: Carson at Great Spirit Bluff

From RRP Director John Howe: A report on the Great Spirit Bluff falcons Our peregrine falcon monitoring activities are completed for the season, except for the occasional call from a concerned caretaker about a fledgling making it to the ground and navigating its new surroundings. We have the added benefit of watching Carson, our lone surviving falcon at Great Spirit Bluff, and his parents, Michelle and Newman, on camera until he disperses. What a tremendous asset this live cam has

July 8: Videos from Decorah, Decorah North, GSB, and the Flyway!

We’re not seeing much of our eagles right now, but I’ve posted the few videos we could get. Looking for something to watch? The GSB and Flyway cams are both very active right now as Carson hones his hunting and flying skills, and birds take advantage of the sandbar and dropping water levels to rest and feed. It’s a great place to see sandhill cranes, great blue herons, ducks, eagles, and wading birds of all kinds! Don’t miss the lovely

Happy 4th of July – Independence Day!

Happy 4th of July!

In the United States, we commemorate Independence Day, July 4th, as a national holiday. On this day in 1776, the Declaration of Independence was ratified by Congress. As we reflect on that recognition, we are once again reminded of the Bald Eagle, the symbol of the United States of America. Bald eagles represent strength and courage, beauty and inspiration. We are forever in awe of what we have learned and admired through our eagle cams about our nation’s symbol! On

Eaglet Update!

D32 at SOAR: A description of surgery

When is SOAR going to release the Decorah area eaglets? How does SOAR evaluate patients for release? How do these birds fit back into the environment? Follow the link and read the update from SOAR to learn more!

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