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What’s on the Menu at Fort St. Vrain?

So what’s on the menu at Fort St. Vrain? While we were up in the nest, I decided to collect prey remains. We don’t have the necessary permits to take feathers (of which I found only two, both belonging to prey), but there were plenty of skulls and a few turtle shells. I got them home, laid them out on a table, and started ID’ing them. Some Moms bring home t-shirts and postcards. I bring home skulls and photos of

2016 Cam Updates

Decorah Cameras

We’ve had a lot of questions about the new eagle cams we installed in September and the falcon cams we installed in October. Here is an update from RRP director John Howe explaining past and current cameras. Thanks, John! Decorah Eagles – Fish Hatchery, Decorah IA Nest N1 Our initial installation of HD cameras in 2015 included a bullet camera pointed at N1 and a PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) camera with 10x zoom. This combination allowed us to get amazing views of

Six Eggs at Xcel Energy’s Sherco Plant?

Six falcon eggs at Xcel's Sherco Plant

A falcon on six eggs? That is what we appear to have at Xcel Energy’s Sherco plant in Becker, Minnesota! The first four eggs laid here were fully pigmented, but the last two are lighter in color and easily identifiable. A few possibilities: The falcon is incubating four eggs laid this spring and two eggs laid last spring. Last year’s resident falcon laid four eggs, but none of them hatched. Two of them appeared to have survived the winter and

Fort St. Vrain Nest

Fort St. Vrain nest fails

We are sad to announce that the Fort St. Vrain eaglets perished on April 16, 2016, during a rain/snow storm. Their parents were not able to adequately cover them and thermal down doesn’t provide much protection from wet weather. Before the camera was turned off, the parents were witnessed beginning to consume their young. This is a very normal behavior for bald eagles. Perhaps human watchers can take comfort in the thought they they are moving past their losses. While

Hatch and Nest Round-up

D24 and D25 in Decorah

We have a lot of nests to keep up with! Check this page for ongoing hatch forecasts and actual hatch dates for all of our cammed nests. Decorah Nest, Decorah IA D24 and D25 have hatched! We are waiting for D26. As of today, the last egg was laid 39 days ago and is still within its hatch window. For more information and dates, visit this page (the 2016 nesting record is on the right): Decorah Eagles. Hatch dates in Decorah are: D24:

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