Eagle Observations

Nest watchers have long noted that eagle families seem to differ in behavior. We’ve put this form together for watchers who would like to help us quantify their behaviors. It was adapted from a nest-monitoring protocol by Dana Bove of the Boulder (CO) Audubon Society. We really appreciate his willingness to share.

The form has three sections: one for inputting nest, date, and time information, and two for inputting information about eagles.

  • Other than section one, fields can be left blank.
  • If you can identify the eagles as the resident Mom and Dad, use section two.
  • If you can’t identify Mom or Dad, or an eagle is not a resident eagle, use section three. If the interaction occurs between a known resident eagle (Dad, for example) and an intruder eagle, uses sections two and three.
  • It is helpful to us to know when the eagles aren’t there, so please feel welcome to make that observation!

We’ve never attempted a project like this before. Please let us know how it works for you!

Eagle Observations

AM or PM?*
For Mom and Dad. Choose a location (unknown is an option) and a behavior if either one or both are visible. Comments can be added for either parent.
Location: Mom
Behavior: Mom
Comments: Mom
Location: Dad
Behavior: Dad
Comments: Dad
For eagles of unknown sex, whether resident or intruder. Choose a status, an age category,a location (unknown is an option), and a behavior if either one or both are visible. Comments can be added for either eagle. Only complete this section if you don't know the sex or identity of the eagle or eagles. 
Unknown 1: Resident or Intruder?
Unknown 1: Age Category
Location: Unknown 1
Behavior: Unknown 1
Comments: Unknown 1
Contact name:*
Contact email address:*
Unknown 2: Resident or Intruder?
Unknown 2: Age Category
Location: Unknown 2
Behavior: Unknown 2
Comments: Unknown 2