Canada Goose (Branta Canadensis)

About the Bird

Canada geese can be found in the Decorah area year-round, although some wintering geese could be migrants from colder northern areas. In spring and summer, geese concentrate their feeding on grasses and sedges. During fall and winter, they rely on dried berries, seeds, and agricultural grains. Although they love blueberries, they are very adept at removing kernels from dry corn cobs – a useful skill near N2B!

Female geese use grass, lichen, moss, and other plant material to build large, open cup nests on the ground, which they line with down and some body feathers. They lay two to eight eggs, which they incubate for 25-28 days. While young leave the nest quickly, they are dependent on their parents for 42-50 days after hatching. The Canada goose produces one brood per year. To learn more, visit Cornell’s website.

Unlike most of the birds we watch, Canada Geese are precocial. You can read more about precocial versus altricial here:

Range Map

Range Map
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